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Gifls* Industrial Home.—The number of inmates in this institution
is 327.
The Reformatory at Mansfield.—This institution is not yet in a condition for use. It should be completed. If the condition of the
Treasury will not permit of an appropriation large enough for such a
purpose at this time, I earnestly urge that some part of the buildings be
completed for immediate occupation ; for there are many inmates in the
Penitentiary who are young men, paying the penalty for first offenses, who
are not hardened criminals and for whose benefit the Mansfield institution
was intended. The Boys' Industrial School at Lancaster is crowded
beyond its capacity, and the Superintendent and Board of Trustees
recommend an appropriation for additional buildings, which are very
much needed. If the Mansfield Reformatory were opened up, the
necessity for the buildings at Lancaster would not be so pressing.
Every consideration would seem to require that some portion of the
Reformatory at Mansfield should be completed for immediate use.
There have been appropriated for this institution since 1884 the sum of
I invite the attention of the General Assembly to the repoit of the
Slate Board of Health. Its duties during the past year have been unusually important and arduous. It had to deal with the epidemic of
small pox along the Ohio river at Pomeroy and other points, and more
recently with the threatened cholera. In both of these emergencies it
acted with prudence and promptness. The board was allowed an emergency fund of $10,000 to protect the State from cholera, and of this
allowance it spent $4,102.47. It is believed in many quarters that
there may be danger during the next year of the cholera invading our
shores; and to the end that Ohio maybe prepared for any emergency,
I recommend an increased appropriation for the use of this board, hav-               
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William McKinley 1893 State of the State Address

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